June 19, 2020

1.Island of Poets

Lefkada has multiple names but none as appealing as ‘the island of poets’. The name stems from the famous poets and writers who have been born or lived in the island such as Valaoritis, Sikelianos, Malamou-Dipla, Golemis, Hearn etc. In Lefkada you will discover the amazing landscapes that inspired the poets and you can satisfy you cultural curiosity by visiting the Angelos Sikelianos museum and the Lafcadio Hearn Historical Centre.

2. Lefkadians were born with musical blood running through their veins

Due to the cultural contact with Italy, Lefkada has a rich musical heritage. Actually, Lefkada’s Philharmonic Orchestra is Greece’s second oldest philharmonic after Corfu’s. In Lefkada there is at least one musician in every family and that makes sense as there are several music associations and orchestras despite the fact that Lefkada is just a small island.

3. Porto Katsiki means goat

Porto Katsiki is in the top of the list of the best beaches in Europe and one of the island’s major attractions but did you know that katsiki in greek means goat? Porto Katsiki gets its name from the beloved animal because formely only goats could reach this area.

4. Sappho, the famous archaic greek poetess committed suicide in Lefkada

Legend connects the Cape Lefkata or Nira to stories of redemption from unfulfilled love; most famously the lyric poetess Sappho threw herself off the cliffs here to be liberated from her unrequited love for Phaon. Despite the sad tale, you should definetely visit the Cape Lefkata because the view from this spot is just amazing.

5. Was Lefkada the home of Odysseus?

The German archaelogist W. Dorpfeld claims that Lefkada is the Homeric Ithaki. His theory is based on geographical indications and excavation findings mainly in Nydri area. When in Nydri, you can visit one of the excavation sites.

6.You can come here by car

It may sound strange, but it’s true. Lefkada is the only island accessible by car, without the cost of a ferry; a floating bridge connects it to the mainland with traffic flowing uninterrupted.

7. Lefkada has a unique architecture

Lefkada is a town of incredible architecture built, rich with colourful details and inspiring places.The distinctive architecture of the city is owed to the cultural heritage of the Venetian conquerors and the intense seismic activity of the region. Take the time to stroll around Lefkada so as to admire the colourful buildings.