March 04, 2020

If spending your vacations in Lefkada is not enough and you feel that this is the place where you belong and you are ready to face all the challenges of living in a small place then be welcome! You are a person of great courage and endurance, someone who knows what is best and is ready to go after it. From now on a great adventure will start! Maybe you will ask yourself a couple of times why you did it but be sure that by the end it is all worth it. A piece of advice from us: trust your instinct.

There is by now a considerable colony of Europeans from other countries, most of them having chosen to live on the island permanently. Some have businesses of their own or are employed in island businesses, others are pensioners who enjoy its beauties to the full. It is well known that celebrities from the world of the arts, fashion and business have invested in the purchase of a home, all over the extent of Lefkada’s territory.

The current period enables opportunities for the acquisition of moderately priced property, as opposed to former years. The value of real estate is estimated to have fallen some 30-20 percent.

New legislation has established the possibility for persons from other countries wishing to acquire property in Greece to have permanent resident status, renewable every five years as long as they are of the following categories:

a) Citizens from other countries intending to purchase property in Greece, with the means – documented and substantiated – to acquire such property of a minimum value of 250,000 Euro

b) Citizens from other countries who have contracted rentals of a duration of at least ten years in hotels or furnished tourist accommodation in composite tourist resorts, if the minimum rental amounts to 250,000 Euro

c) Family members of the above categories.

Lefkada disposes of efficiently organised bureaus undertaking the search for or construction of a dwelling in Lefkada according to your specifications.

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