August 10, 2023

The Southern Ionian Regatta was created back in 1983 when some lead crews from a few flotilla companies operating in the area decided to have an end of season race and party. It was always on a Thursday as there were no changeovers on that day.

Back then it was a fun bun fight with enthusiastic lead crews arming themselves with anything from tomatoes to eggs! These days the regatta has evolved into a great day of sailing with staff, their guests often, charter boats, private boats and live aboards all joining in the fun. The bun fights are diminished though not gone so raising a white flag to signal that you don’t want to be involved is advised.

The regatta and lately the rally is organised and run entirely by volunteers who give their time freely so that all can have a good time.

The main event is on Wednesday 20/9!

-Starting in Vasilliki bay 14:00 hrs, course going around Arkudi ( leaving the island to Port), finish outside the entrance of Sivota.

This year there will be a feeder race to Vassiliki on Tuesday 19/9!

-Starting in the Meganissi channel 14:00 hrs, with the finish in the bay of Vassiliki.