March 01, 2021

Hello March!

Hooray, spring is just around the corner!

On the 1st of March children and adults in Greece, wear on their wrist a ''Martis'' or ''Martaki'', a small red and white bracelet made from thread, which according to the tradition, will protect their cheeks from sunburn.

The red colour represents life, passion and rosy cheeks and the white represents purity, the feeling of happiness and the white complexion.

The name is derived from the Greek word for the month of March, “Martios” and the long-standing tradition dates back to ancient Greece to the cults of Demeter and Persephone. The bracelet must be woven on the last day of February and be worn until the last day of March. After taking off the bracelet, you have to hang it in a tree so the birds can use the thread to build their nests. Otherwise you can also keep your Martaki until Easter time and burn it in the fire of the resurrection candle.