September 08, 2022

All-new long distance hiking challenge. Walk the entire length of the island from Lefkada Town to Cape Doukato following monopati and unsurfaced tracks. The trail traverses the island spine going over mountain peaks and passing majestic viewpoints. The full 80km is split into six day-stages with breaks in pretty Lefkada mountain villages. The walk is amazing, each day being very different to each other. See the huge variety that Lefkada offers.

Day: One | Route: Lefkada Town to Nikiana | Distance: 14.5km | Ascent: 480m
Day: Two | Route: to Karya | Distance: 13km | Ascent: 870m
Day: Three | Route: to Eglouvi | Distance: 6.5km | Ascent: 560m
Day: Four | Route: to Ag. Ilias | Distance: 15.5km | Ascent: 930m
Day: Five | Route: to Ag. Petros | Distance: 10.5km | Ascent: 525m
Day: Six | Route: to Cape Doukato | Distance: 20km | Ascent: 570m

Many parts of mainland and islands of Greece have long distance hiking trails. Now Lefkada does too. At the moment this trail is unofficial, but still very lovely and easy to follow using the free descriptions and GPX files on this website.

You will have to make transport and accommodation arrangements yourself. The island is small and there are several taxi firms – either to take you to and from the trail from your choice of central hotel, or to transport luggage between hotels on-route.

A good strategy is to start the walk based at a hotel in or near Lefkada Town and then to switch to a hotel in Vasiliki once past Eglouvi. If you want one hotel for the whole week then Nidri is most central. Use taxis to take you to and from the trail (all those towns have local taxis). If you have non-hikers in your group they can enjoy the beach and drop you/pick you up in a hire car.

Lefkada hotels are almost all in the coastal towns and villages. Inland there are many cottages and villas for rental, although many are a week minimum and not set up for walkers. You may find more flexibility out of the summer peak. If you have a car then you could rent a villa for a week and arrange transport to each days walk.

Another option is to camp on trail. Officially wild camping is not permitted but tolerated in many places – especially if beside the trail for the night in a quiet location, of which there are many along this route. There is little water away from the villages as limestone makes streams dry except in winter rains. In summer don’t even think of fire as forest fire is a huge problem and killer in Greece. You will likely want to break for the night at slightly different locations than the villages suggested. Also take care to avoid agriculture as many small patches of land are crops and all olive groves are harvested.

We hope that companies will start to offer pre-arranged packages for self or guided hikes. We will add links to these when they do. Tell us if you are thinking of doing this.

Do tell us if you walk the whole trail. We will give big shout-outs for all pioneer hikers. Tell us too if you just walk one of the stages. If you think we can improve any parts, or if you have tips for fellow hikers, we would love to know. Instagram @lefkadatrails or on Facebook.

The objectives for this route, in order of priority, are:-

  • Traverse from north to south using reasonable day-stages ending in villages.
  • Follow unsurfaced trails and monopati whenever possible. Failing that use quiet roads.
  • Visit the best parts of the interior of Lefkada whilst maintaining progress from north to south without retracing steps.
  • Use trails that are all good day-hikes in themselves, not just making distance.